August 17, 2007 : 10:15 PM

Golf Babes


I had no idea there were so many sexy female golfers. It's like a smart casual version of beach volleyball now. Check the Golf Babes blog now.

Also good to see that an Aussie Karrie Webb is ranked #2 in the world. I didn't even know we had a ranked female golfer but I guess that's the lack of coverage and my lack of watching TV.

October 28, 2006 : 8:15 PM

Big Break


This years Big Break finalist have been announced and they are all guys? Is there no girls with any big ideas?

This is a great comp and there needs to be more like this.

p.s Maybe the winners form this year can buy a haircut with the prize money :)

July 13, 2006 : 11:58 AM

MT 3.3

Movable type 3.3 is in Beta and there's some great features to make it even more powerful to use. I can't live without MT and these new features address the few issues I had with the software.

March 19, 2006 : 11:07 PM

Funny Blog

This blog here which I forget how I found cracks me up. Great links and funnt photos.

October 16, 2005 : 4:48 PM

Flickr Babes

boobs.jpg is a site dedicated to posting any babe that appears on Flickr. This explains why my Mardi Gras Boobies photo is my most popular photo on my flickr stream.

I think it's amazing that another site can be spawned from Flickr and I bet there are others out there but if I start searching I'll probably come across some sick shit which will turn me off eating so I'll stick with babes.

July 5, 2004 : 9:54 PM

Weekly 6

For those interested Soap Creative (where I work and the company i help run) has their Weekly 6 which is regularly published every Friday. Check here to see previous issues and subscribe.

As i fell lazy for not posting here at least we've been able to post 6 good links a week for nearly 10 weeks. Fridays are my stressful day as we try to quickly find the 6 links for the week. We thinks this is better than emailing everyone what we have done recently, as blowing your own trumpet aint as much fun.

May 23, 2004 : 8:19 PM

The Office

A serviced office opened in Surry Hills last week. It's in a boring looking building and they put up a sign and flyers in the cafe's.

Surry Hill is filled with warehouse type offices, terraces and centre for quite a few creative people in Sydney. Hey we even have our office there thats just how cool it is. hehe So why they chose one of the worst looking buildings must have been a price decision.

After seeing the website you have to wonder how much research they put into this. I don't normally want to make fun of shitty websites but this is one of the worst i've seen.

Office Sydney

Sashe showed me that if you click their URL in the contact section it opens another URL that is wrong.

With prices starting at $420 a week they have already priced themselves out of a competitive market.

Oh well.

April 17, 2004 : 9:55 PM

Soap e Cards

We finally launched Ecard Union. We (Soap Creative) started building this back in 2002.

I spent a few months creating the flash engine. The rotate and scale code was a real headache to achieve. Then once 80% of the flash was done I realised we couldn't do the back-end to send and receive the e-cards. Well just under 2 years later we finally had the skills to do this and it's up and running. Thanks heaps Eddie for helping us plug it all together.

We have 4 themes now we another 4 in production from various talented artist's. This is the coolest part. As without different and varied art sets the Ecards would be boring.

Click here to have a test run. And please email me any ecards you create.

We have also decided to change the name and create a new URL for this system. This will be done in the next few weeks. This will better server the artist's and also make it less a Soap Creative thing and more a design community thing. (sounds wanky when i type it)

March 27, 2004 : 6:19 PM

Snappy Hour

Check out these fantastic icons for OSX and PC.

Snappy Hour

March 25, 2004 : 10:05 PM


I just bought an Airzook for the office from DStore. It's great, although bigger than expected and louder. But definitely worth the money. I got an orange one which turns out to be fluro orange. Woudl have been good to get a grey one like this

Check out all the other cool office toys on this page. Ahh there's my xmas list set for a while.

February 28, 2004 : 10:56 AM

Jamungo Posters

I think there is still time to order these cool posters from Jamungo. Illustraed by the super powered TVM

TVM Triptych

February 7, 2004 : 9:46 PM

Somethign Awful Classics

I founf these Classics from Something Awful quiet funny

I especially likes the Turn desolate works of art into optimistic works of art
Pure Genius.

January 23, 2004 : 5:58 PM

I recently discovered

One this this site reveals is the sheer amount of blogs that focus just on photos. I'm quite amazed. I think i'll start posting more photos and less mispelt dribble on this site

Here's a few I found in some way or another and really liked

The common thread. They all take better photos than me.

Japan is Weird

If this is what you are into this then you are classified as fucked up and weird


If you have a truck like any of these from this Super Modified Truck show then you probably don't bother with drawings of mini women being touched.


January 21, 2004 : 12:39 PM

HP Bling Bling

I haven't seen the HP Museum before but I guess it's been linked many times. The gallerycontains some amazing photos of old HP calculators.

I especially love this classic piece of design

Those wanting something with a little more style can go for the gold version

Here's the HP calculator with an anal probe?

January 17, 2004 : 3:37 PM

Bix Art Museum

An amazing art museum in Austria that has 930 fluro lights that are computer controlled which animate via a computer. Im not sure what it looks like inside but the building is amazing, like an octopus crossed with an S&M beanbag.

There's plenty on info on the site. However it is hard to sort through.

I stole this link from :)

Starck Clock

I saw these cool clocks at the airport yesterday. They have a button to project the time onto the roof.

However the price $100-$400 is a little out of the price range of most people (myself included).

You can check out the full range here at Oregon Scientific

January 15, 2004 : 9:19 AM

Rotten Tomatoes Worst 25 Films for 2003

I'm really starting to respect the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. This site can save you $14.80 of your hard earned money.

Here is there Worst 25 films for 2003

January 14, 2004 : 4:52 PM

Girls and other Scary Things


If you are in Melbourne then don't miss the first major exhibition by Nathan J. What an amazing talent. I got sent a sneak peak of some of the stuff that will be there and it's amazing. Oh and bring your wallet!!

"Girls and other Scary Things"
Toys, Prints and Sculptures by Nathan Jurevicius
Opens 16 January 2004 at Outre Gallery

January 11, 2004 : 6:29 PM

TV News

I have been watching too much TV. Here's some news from TV land

Steve Buscemi joins the Sopranos

Wife Swap's Royal Slapper

January 9, 2004 : 3:14 PM

Old, lost , forgotten

Having a holiday gave me time to rest and play playstation. It also allowed me time to go throguh my old files and see all the stuff I have done over the past few years.

Below is a list of some of the stuff that I have linked to previously and other stuff that I scanned ages ago and forgot to show anyone.


January 6, 2004 : 3:16 PM

Brothel Bin Murder

It seems someone dumped a body in a garbage bag down the road from our office. Right across from our favourite lunch spot and outside the brothel.

They even had reporter Hayy Potter on the scene asking questions. The lady at the brothel didn't seem to want to talk much.

It's say the body could have been there up to 5 days. With all the rubbish around Surry Hills it's not surprising.

Oh and in more inportant news: City Edge have stopped makign the Kim Chi Checkin Sandwhich/Burger. This is an outrage. It's like if McDonalds stopped selling the Big Mac. A sad day for Surry Hills

January 4, 2004 : 12:14 AM


A German company asked people to draw logos of popular brands from memory. Interesting results.

May 30, 2003 : 6:28 PM

The Price of War

US bills Australia for bombs

hehe this is funny as. We are being billed for all the bombs we dropped in Iraq in a war US started. I hope we get mates rates discount.

"The ADF will also be required to pay an undisclosed amount – believed to be up to $3 million – for satellite time and band width to connect the Canberra war room with command in the Gulf, and enable it to talk directly with SAS troops on the ground."

hahah more expensive than telstra :) You'd be like Commander, wait till after 9pm to call the troops and we get off peak special rates. Or just SMS the orders it's cheaper.

"They said some Hornets appeared to be fitted with AIM-120 Slammer air-to-air missiles, which have a list price of $586,000."

Wow half a mill per bomb. It's like the expensive dinner plates you never want to use.

May 16, 2003 : 8:00 PM

Who's number 1

Now my entire site is indexed by Google which means i can take certain sentences and search them on Google and my site ranks up high.

Here's a nice one from way back in 2001

Bored wankign over photos of fat women and transexuals

Bored stiffy in public places

SEO at it's best.

April 28, 2003 : 2:09 AM

Google Whack

I was told about a Google Whack by the people we share and office with and it's very addictive. I found two today and a few more tonight and have to stop. However denied my latest ones. Which i feel kinda cheated by.

here's the two they were allowed and have been stacked

underachieving Cruoton and presentable cumquat

Here's the one that was denied Ladyfinger Sniffer a google whack and funny i think.

So try a few and you'll see it's harder than you think.

Doing this also had soem funny results:
Theres 579 angry croutons but 1,650 psycho avacados and an amazing 28,100 edible concrete. I thought there would be less than 1,290 cucumber underpants but im wrong. And it seems if you install a heli pad it not a superfluous helipad as there is a measly 61 of those on Google

April 19, 2003 : 8:02 PM

Bell Ringing Software

For those putting the finishing touches on your chruch you may want to check out this cool Bell Ringing Software Even has screenshots on who pulls what rope and when.


Must have been a labour of love this program. Bell ringier by day, software engineer by night.

April 12, 2003 : 8:33 PM


Ashadi picked this up.

Heres the downloads page for Norad and check ou this large promo photo

Check out the writing pad, I certainly hope thats shorthand he's writing there :)

At leats he's not doodling naked ladies.

Lying for Columbine

I walked away from the cinema feeling amazed at what I just saw when I watched Bolwing for Columbine.

But after reading these articles 1 2 3 I know feel angry. Which may explain why Stupid White Men doesnt sit well as I read it. It's definetly not up the standard of "No Logo" and "Fast Food Nation" there is two books that hit hard without having to voice the authors own opinon.

In SWM im swamped with Micheal Moores own ideas and ideologies rather than facts. The Northen Irelanc solution being the stupidest thing I've read in a book (abotu as stupid as a Right Wing comment from me) More concentrating on being funny than actually trying to help

Mouse Trap

This is is every kids dream. The windscreen wipers at the end are really special.

A car as that not only doesnt contain a pop song but also doesnt have the car flying around the corners of a abandoned road. No celebrity either, no star bursts with price deals and no jingle to be heard.

April 9, 2003 : 12:10 AM

30 day discount

Lets hope Chris and Elle dont have kids soon. This bird died in 3 days. Thats an authentic Dr Harry bird bag at the end there too. Mmmm snap fresh dead

March 17, 2003 : 12:03 AM

Deisgner Cookbook

I didn't think deisgners really cared about cooking. But a cookbook for designers by designers seems pretty lame. What's next? designer yoga and handball rules from designers.

Anyway maybe i'm just bitter I wasn't asked as maycontaintracesofnuts will be missing a few key recipes from me.

1: Toasted Cheese Sandwhich
2: Wheatbix ala carte
3: Lollie bag and softdrink
4: Milkshake Smoothie Dinner
5: OJ + biscuits

All meals should be served with a large Milo (dry if no milk)

March 11, 2003 : 5:16 PM

The scarygirl site is up. Nathan designed it and I flashed it up.

Order from the site and get a limited (20) signed Scarygirl toy.

I can't wait to get mine!!!

March 2, 2003 : 10:41 AM

Fake Lomo

I saw this post on Kottke linking to a tutorial to create a Lomo looking photo from your expensive camera. I decided to give it a try and the results worked out pretty good. I left the original image in there so you can see the result. I also added a blured layer on top and masked that out aswell. Also using adjustment layers made the whole thing easier to alter.

The next issue of Happy Snaps will all be fake lomo!

March 1, 2003 : 4:01 PM

Scary Girl

Nathan J has to be one of Australia's hardest workign illustrators. He's also the first australian to enter the exciting Vinyl toy market by becoming one of Hobg Kong based Flying Cats new designers. Pete Fowler better watch his back as Scary Girl and friends is definetly gonna make a big splash.

You can order her here at

February 24, 2003 : 6:24 PM

Why not check out which is a very cute site. make sure you check the webcam.

Anyone looking for a junior desgner in Sydney?

February 13, 2003 : 8:23 PM

The Vagina carrot

Vagina carrot

How much would a vision of Mary in a carrot fetch.

Most people steer clear of ginger pussy?? (sorry)

February 5, 2003 : 11:41 PM

The Office

I was sent the 1st series of The Office (form BBC) on DVD and enjoyed it greatly. It's kinda like the Frontline, Spinal Tap and Office Space mixed together in a good way.

For those that havent seen it i heard they are selling it at HMV in Australia and also it'll be on the ABC soon. So get the viedo and feel cool cause you have seen it and not many others have. You'll get more cred than wearing an Andre the Giant (Obey) T-Shirt

February 2, 2003 : 10:45 AM


FOr those that have huge DVD collections this is a worrying artical on DVD Rot

Its like the CDR's that say they can last 100 years but this is only under test conditions and CD's havent been around for 100 years to really test.

So what you might find it that all your DVD will turn to POO in 5 years and there is little you can do. Has anyone got a DVD thats 5 years old? Have DVD's been out that long.

January 31, 2003 : 12:56 AM

Photo Cd's

I now have 20 CD filled with digital photos and another 2 waiting to be organised. The first 10 had photos named, organised into relevant folders (ie city, cars, people) and were all neat and tidy.

The last 10 are just named DSC08556.JPG and are in one giant folder. The only savior being I View Media Pro. Without this app I would be lost.

It would have to be the best image cataloging app out there. For those using iphoto I pity you. It may be free but it's a pile of poo compared to i View.

You can cataloge any image file, pdf's, movies, quark files just about any file. Its quicker, easier and better equiped than I photo and also doesnt copy all the photos to s special folder.

January 28, 2003 : 11:09 PM


The Terminator3 site has to be one of the best movie sites ever made. Not really in terms of concept just in terms of knowing the target audience and having so much content on the site. Also the flash behind the site is awesome. Cookie trials, search function, user polls, user comments, user suppliued artwork all wrapped into a slick interface. I usually hate these techno panels and stuff but this is done nicely.

The new Terminator skulls look weird though. Like they are the caveman version. Arnie is looking more riged than ever. I think his acting is getting worse or he is just trying to act to much like a robot.

January 14, 2003 : 9:00 PM

Tivo in Australia

While its probably a long way off. And seeing as our population is so small it may never happen. But it seems give Tech nerds some spare time and they can do wonders

These linux nerds back in 2001 reverse engineered a US Tivo box to work in australia and then used local websites to get the data for the TV programming.

January 13, 2003 : 11:24 PM

Ivory on Ebay

A search for Ivory Coast on Google cam up with Ivory on Ebay (a paid link)

I think its sad that Ivory is still sold.

January 12, 2003 : 10:31 PM

Truffle DNA

Horaaay. No more pirate chinese truffles flooding the market. I can see a CSI episode in the making.


Geo Survey

Here's a quick survey to test your Geographic knowledge. Most of the questions are about countries that have been in the new recently. And i'm not talking Kosovo recent so no worries. All late 2002 stuff

Click here to do the survey and compare results with other countries

It seems 25% of Americans surveyed have no idea how many people live in their own country :)

January 10, 2003 : 6:55 PM

OSX Apps

Apple and others has really pulled its finger out and made some really nice software for OSX

1: Daylight is CRM app that looks very powerful and provides some great features. $149 USD

2: Keynote: Look alot better and easier to use than powerpoint. $195 AUD

3: Final Cut Express : i guess like FInal Cut Pro but cheaper and easier to use for the budding film buff. $565 AUD compared to $1995 for Pro

4: Safari: Mac new browser is promosing. If only it played flash faster. Also it has taken over my browser default setting and now im stuck with it

However the thing that makes any Mac person go wet is the new 17" Powerbooks. The biggest laptop screen ever!!! 1440x900 resolution is insane!!!!

January 7, 2003 : 8:27 AM

Late Night TV Gems

Banzai and Oblongs are thrown way back into the 11.30 Monday timeslot on channel 9 but are worth staying up for.

Its times like these you forgive networks for According to Jim, Becker and Baby Bob for being in good timeslots

January 5, 2003 : 1:38 PM

Fly Guy

Fly Guy is a relaxing and refreshing interactive flash animation. Reminds me of Vector Park

December 22, 2002 : 12:59 AM

Google Zeitgeist

With Google dominating the way we search (in a good way) its great to see them sharing the massive amount of data they collected.

Check out Goggle's zeitgeist to see 2002 top serach statistics and fun facts.

December 20, 2002 : 3:07 PM

Bird Poo Game

Why not play the Bird Poo game at Virgin Mobile.

We at Soap have just finished building this and it was fun talking to the client. i havent said the word poo so much.

Good on Virgin Mobile for making the word "poo" popular again.

September 22, 2002 : 12:40 AM

Waking Life Art

What's that you want to buy me a present?? Don't know what I want. How bout a print from Waking life Art

Awww shucks. You shouldn't have.

I saw the DVD of Waking Life at blockbuster last night but havent seen it in the shops!!!!! Damn my search will never end

August 24, 2002 : 11:14 PM

Cherry Bomb

I have no idea what Cheery Bomb means but Noel takes some great photos

You may have seen some of his photos in STU magazine

College Band Pricing

Hey Kids like to have Korn or Snoop Dogg play at your college fund raiser or graduation party?

What about Ween or Silverchair?

You better book early at the College Entertainment site

I could get Ween to play 5 times or have Woopi Goldberg come in once. Whats up with that.

Or have Radiohead come and pump out sometunes because I couldnt afford Reba Mctintyre's $250k performace fee. 1/4 Million for a country singer. WTF

I'd also take to doses of Nelly Furtado than one of just plain old Nelly

And if you don't have much dosh to hrow around why not grab DJ Shadow for 10K. Thats a bargin.

Take a look at some of the numbers. It's a whole world i didnt know about. I know it says college but does it also cover rich kid bamitsfa's, or what about Schoolies week on the gold coast. When I was at Schoolies we got Custard to play. Damn. For a few extra dollars we could have had someone good.

August 11, 2002 : 10:37 PM

Flash and Amazon

I found a site that did an experiment with Amazons web services and Flash.

It was one of the coolest things I have seen. Here'smy effort at a quick test to see if I could do it. You need flash 6 for this experiment.

I had to use XML for the first time and also hack together a PHP script after all the ones I found didn't want to work for me.

Even though this project was for nothing I now understand XML (the basics) so thats a bonus

July 21, 2002 : 4:01 PM

Digital Camera Owners

If I had of known about this little baby I wouldn't have bought another Memory Stick for my camera.

They come in 5,10,20 and 30BG models and work for Mac and PC. Both firewire and USB.

You can travel around the world with 1 memory card for your camera and this MindStor. You just pop your memory card into the Mindstor and download. It's tiny too. This is alot better than carting around a laptop and having heaps of Memory Cards.

Prices start at $810 AUD but it's also a portable HD. The time and effort it will save you is well worth the investment.

If you get the right adapter it will work with practically any memory card. I guess I should have bought another battery for my camera instead.

July 8, 2002 : 2:24 PM

WINNERS are Grinners

The Slippery Truffle has been using frames for nearly 3 years now and finally I have been recognised for my efforts on Frameset Site of the Week

Just goes to show that it pays to stick to your guns

July 1, 2002 : 2:13 PM


The Osbournes

Is very cool. The show premires tonight after the final of Big Brother. My money is on Pete to win and the show has ended up like last year. 2 buys and girl. Girl voted out then they vote out the young dumb guy (or acts dumb0 and the big, quite guy wins.

June 30, 2002 : 5:51 PM

My Monopoly

My Monopoly Hasbro are letting you create your own custom monopoly game. This would be a cool corporate present. MMM Enron and Worldcomm had to cancell their versions. Go stright to jail.

Puddnhead is alot more scary than jugghead was. That animated gif for the nav is a terrible was of download, but the work is great.

June 6, 2002 : 10:24 PM

Ezy Guv

5 easy steps to paying your speeding fine. Sites like these that make the internet useful.

Midget Casting

Wondered where Wonka's Ompas have gone??

Can't find a small person to toss at the annual company picnic??

Your leading man in the dwarf porno called in sick??

Willow Management can help you with your problems.

June 5, 2002 : 10:55 PM


I don't know whats scarier.
That they actually made a Frankie Goes to Holloywood game

or that I actually remember playing it on my C64 tape drive.

All I remember was pressing play then waiting 30 min for the game to load. Back in C64 days you hardly ever got instructions and this game was plain stupid and made no sense.

We had a C64 for 6 mths before we learned how to use it. All I could play was soccer and Wizard of Wor on cartridge. I still have fond memories of WOW.

June 4, 2002 : 10:07 PM

Chop Suey

You don't have to be Chines to play Chines Checkers and it also seems you dont have to Chines to play Chop Suey

Pete's sits is very nice

May 30, 2002 : 10:25 PM

DC Heroes & Villans

What's wrong with Professor X's head. It's like a bashed up potatoe.

This is a comprehensive list of all DC characters. I like comparing the stats of the heroes. Dare Devil has lame stats. But has cool name and costume.

MMmmmm She-Hulk She looks like a Zentrodi from Robotech

This is a Magazine is not only well designed but also well coded. I really like it when people use flash and make it function well.