July 13, 2009 : 12:57 AM

Water Pressure at Ervi's House

Indo Water Pressure from Mr Truffle on Vimeo.

I usualy just end up having a traditional Indonesian "mandi" (filling a bucket with water and then using a large ladle to pour water on yourself) as the pressure was so bad.

I will never complain about water pressure again in Australia. Ervi said it does help save water usage though!

December 21, 2008 : 12:39 PM

Merry Xmas

This never gets old. I hope I can one day make something that kids will react to like this.

January 29, 2008 : 9:06 AM

Malang by Car

I took this on two trips around Malang, Indonesia. It's just 1hr away from Surabaya which is the 2nd biggest city in Indo. It kind of gives you a good feel for what rural and surburban Indonesia is like.

November 24, 2007 : 11:44 AM

USA Trip 2

Mrs. Liberty

This year ive made three international trips, two to the USA and one to Singapore and Indonesia.

The US trips were part business. I would not have gone over if it not for the business side of them although I was able to fit in a fair bit of touristy stuff in the second trip.

Here's the Flickr set for my second trip. I took about 700 photos which is quite low for me. THe first tip I only took around 200 of which I've organized only about 20.

I borrowed Ron's 10.5m Fisheye lens for the Nikon, which is an awesome travel lens. It's small, fast and great for a city like NY. The photos below just wouldn't have been possible with a normal wide lens.

NYC Chase Building

NYC Buildings

I've finally got my stomach back to normal after eating so much cheesy food in the US and over any jet lag (ie waking up at 5am!)

June 30, 2007 : 10:17 PM

Things learnt in the USA

While I was in the USA i learnt a few things that TV & movies glazed over or I have missed. The obvious that food is huge is easy. HEre's a few that you might not have heard. Feel free to set me right if I'm wrong about anything.

1: In LA every 10th car is a stretch hummer? Seriously I mean WTF I saw about 20 of them in a 6 day period.

2: Broiling is just the US word for grilling. I saw a sign for broiled steaks and though Ahh yuck!

3: Santa Monica Blvd is like Sydney's Oxford St, only with less wig shops.

4: New Yorkers are actually really nice people. It's Sydney people that a rude bastards.

5: The Statue of Liberty looks bigger in the movies.

6: American restaurant's don't use the word gourmet that much. Unlike Sydney in which every second place sells Gourmet food.

7: New York pizza is big and plain. I missed gourmet pizzas.
7a: There are fifteen Ray's Pizza's in New York.

8: In NY there is a UPS truck on every block. But no driver.
9: There is one FedEx truck to every five UPS trucks.

9: Chevy Chase isn't just an actor/comedien it's also a bank and a town in DC!?!

10: There aren't that many fresh fruit juice places? You can't throw an orange without hitting on in Sydney but in LA and NY it was hard to find.

11: You can watch a stand up comedy show every night of the week! Although if a ensemble lineup leave after the 4th comedian as the rest will be shit.

12: 60% of outdoor advertising in the US is for movies and TV shows. 15% is for fashion 15% for financial services and the rest for the other categories

13: The majority of TV commercials in the US are awful and the majority are about financial services.

14: "The Late Shows" are actually filmed during the day!

15: They force you to laugh when in a live studio audience environment.

16: There are too many late night shows. Why is David Letterman the only one on Australia Free to air TV when there's Kimmy Kimmel, Leno, Conan O'Brien and that other English guy Craig Ferguson. Who the fuck is he?

17: NY women are sexy and smart looking. LA women are just sexy looking.

18: Buying Wacky Tabacky in LA is easy if you have a doctors certificate.

19: Kinkos is just as bad in the USA as it is here. Although due to exchange rates Australia is actually cheaper.

20: There are more "visible" homeless in Sydney than NY. Although I was there during really cold weather so they might have been in hiding.

21: Food is very sweet in the US. I nearly puked when I had a Snapple.

22: Coffee in the USA is the stuff in those glass jugs that no one drinks in Australia.
22a: If you ask for a white coffee you get looked at weird. Even weirder if you as a black person for one. Just drink tea to avoid any problems.

23: It's hard to find good Thai food in Manhattem. Indian and Chinese restaurants own that town.

24: There is a major sporting even on every night of the week.

25: Coyote Ugly is a real bar! and the bras are 5 deep around the walls. Although it's a lot more tame than the movie.

26: I didn't see one Sushi train.

June 13, 2007 : 11:47 PM

Virtual Koi Pond

Forgive the awful compressions. I guess the data rate couldn't handle the movement. Sad as the video came out really clear from the digi cam.

This was the koi pond that was right next to the restaurant we ate at. You basically eat above them! They go nuts for food and basically jump over each other to get the food. Koi's are really popular now in Indo now. Well amoung the people who can afford them I guess.

Oh and that's not my arms and legs (I didn't get a tan that good) it's Ervi's father. Who looks suprising like a fit Saddam Hussain. Which is scary and funny in so many ways.

Here's a photo that shows off these hungry fish better.

Indonesia: Koi Fever

I'd love to have a koi pond was it not for the fact I don't have the space, money or patience to look after a pond properly.

June 1, 2007 : 11:42 PM

Indonesia - Lombok: Definitely not Peak Season

This is actually one of the smaller Gili islands off Lombok.

More info here

It costs us 300,000rp ($35 AUD) for 9 people to go across to there for a few hours. There are no cars on any of the smaller islands. Just bikes, and horse and carts. It was pretty awesome.

May 30, 2007 : 10:26 PM

Toast Box: Milo Toast

Toast Box: Milo Toast, View my Flickr stream here.

That's condensed milk people. Not some Bukkake protein breakfast.

Cost: $1.50 SGD so about $1.20 AUD.

And it tastes awesome. We had this almost every day in Singapore. Well not Milo toast but toast.

Note: Milo is everywhere in Asia. I mean you can ask for it at McDonalds!! The sheer fact they serve it on toast should have given away the fact they are crazy about Milo. And here I was thinking Australia was the Milo capital of the world.

May 29, 2007 : 2:07 AM

USA Trip 2007- LA: VACANCY

VACANCY, View my Flickr stream here.

I still have some 600 odd photos to sort from my recent USA trip.

Half my time there was spent going to and from meetings so I couldnt bring my camera. So 600 for me seems awfully low. But it was a business trip and not a holiday.

Lombok Beach I am sorting out these photos and the 2,700 I took in Singapore and Indo from the last 3 weeks.

And now I think about it I still have a few thousand I havent processed from my Europe trip in 2006. I'm way behind. It's hard to sort through 6,500 RAW files. Poor me :)

May 27, 2007 : 6:39 PM

Holiday Burnout

Im back from a 3 week holiday to Singapore and Indonesia which came just a week after spending 2 weeks in the USA on a business trip and I'm over it. I missed my comphey bed and pillows and Aussie food.

I've got monkey loads of photos and video and a few funny stories (like the monkey that stole my glasses off my face in the Monkey temple in Bali) and will need a week or so to sort them all.

I bought so many gifts I forgot about some until I unpacked my bags.

Anyway back to my 1724 emails (half of which must be spam) and sorting out all the TV I missed while away. The only upside is now I can power watch LOST, 24 and Sapranos.

April 27, 2007 : 1:20 PM

Hotel View

From my hotel here in LA I can just see the Hollywood sign. It's in the distant horizon. Close though I can see a neon sign saying Totally NUDE Girls!
Then right below me is a Jewish only primary school.

October 15, 2006 : 5:34 PM

Hidden Playground Zurich

I found this place 15 minutes from the main train station in Zurich. It's a playground that looks like something from WW2. There's giant chess pieces, dirty teddy bears and other junk. Check out the photos from the playground here. It was a very weird place.

July 20, 2006 : 9:35 PM

World's Biggest Bike Rack

May 1, 2006 : 10:13 PM

Jet Lag?

Warning the following post contains the word POO.

After a 20 hr flight I seem to have timed my sleeping properly to avoid jetlag. The only thing I seem to be suffering from which you dont hear peopel complaining about (maybe its just me) is a completely stuffed up poo clock.

I used to be like clockwork and now i'm more like the dodgey sydney trains where it arrives when it wants to.

Apox on you airlines for serving me food at wierd hours and the same meal twice which I had to eat even if I wasnt hungry as I cant sit with food under my face for 15 minutes and not eat.

April 30, 2006 : 6:06 PM

Glad to be home

I would have thought a European vacation would have meant never thinking about Australia but after 28 days in the UK and Europe I now have a new found love of Sydney. I had a great time on my sightseeing tour but couldn’t help feeling I miss my bed and pillow.

The thing I missed the most about Sydney was the food. You can’t walk into a city and expect to find those hidden gems that you know back in your hometown so I had to resort to just talking around the tourist areas looking for places to eat. So my experience was always tainted. While I did enjoy the cheap pizzas in Italy I craved a "Western" style one with tandoori chicken as margarita and mushroom pizza's wear then pretty quickly.

While you might be lucky to find a milo in London at a specialty store you got no hope anywhere else. Same goes for a meat pie. I had my fill of pasties in the UK (all I could afford due to the nasty exchange rate) but it doesn’t taste as nice as a pie.

I also happen to be afflicted with liking lemon soda and while Italy I made do everyone else offered Orange Fanta as the only alternative to Coke and Sprite.

You can't go 50 mtrs in Sydney without walking past a juice stand but I couldn’t find one anywhere on my holidays.

I also enjoy my food smoke free but had to say nothing as I ate in Italy with smoking German women surrounding me.

It wasn’t all food though. I also like the power of the zebra crossing in Australia a power that is sorely lost on Italian and French drivers.

April 23, 2006 : 8:03 AM

Holiday Almost Over

Ervi and Iare off to Rome tomorrow for the last leg in our holiday. The place in Rome seems pretty cool as it's an apartment that you just rent out. I miss my pillow and non-smoking resturants but this you expect while on holidays.

We are leaving Zurich tomorrow (where is cost 7.00AUD for a Big Mac!!) and it's hard to find a fresh juice. Where as Sydney is swamped in fresh juice stores, Europe doesn't seem to have caught on.

It costs 1 GBP (2.40AUD!!!!) for a litre of petrol and 1.80 swiss franc (1.85 AUD) so Aussies have it pretty cheap in the petrol biz. I thought the British might have been charging per gallon but no it's a regular metric litre.

I also cant wait to see the new office fitout which chould be half complete when I return.