April 30, 2009: April 30, 2009

Wisdom Teeth all Removed

My left side wisdom teeth were removed today

My Wisdom teeth

My Wisdom teeth

The dirty one is the top one which I had no idea was so bad. Glad that's out.

I found there are quite a few photos of people's wisdom teeth on flickr. I only wish I took my camera with me and got a shot of the bloody tooth. These washed teeth have much less "character" I guess the dentist assistant wanted to make it all clean for me. Oh well.

It's funny how events like this are ones I want to capture. The dentist and the assistant seemed OK with me having the teeth but I got the feeling not everyone keeps the teeth they have extracted. Why not it's a great souvenir.

I wish I owned a camera when I sliced my finger open in highschool and when I was badly sun burt in primary school and had to go to hospital. Not having any record of these events annoys me now. Kids these days have camera phones and will be able to keep a record of pretty much everything that happens to them.

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April 23, 2009: April 23, 2009

Games are Going Off


Our latest game Gripz has seen 1.3 million visitors clocking up 1.8 million games in 3 days. Gripz Globe Skater is doing really well. Oh and an average time of 9 minutes 41 seconds. Buzaaang!

MRD Escape has clocked up 8 million visitors and 13 million games since Feb 9 again with an average game time of 10 minutes and 14 seconds. Seems that 10 minutes is our benchmark.

I can only imagine the stats for games like Peggle and Bejeweled would do. And hope one day I will be involved in a game that takes over the world like that. I could then go around saying "Oh your mum likes to play XXXXXX?...... I fucking made that game!"

Also a different type of game we recently did for Lynx called Primal Instinct is now at 18,000 registered users and still going strong. Thats with cinema and press advertising kicking in this week. The average game time on this is our biggest at 11 minutes 31 seconds. We're getting 80% return users to the site too which is great.

Iron Man Flight Test is still out #1 game which just broke 25 million visitors and I don;t know have many games but the usual is between 1.4 - 1.7 games per user. So let's call it 35 million games to be safe.

We've done over 150 games at Soap but it's only lately with the talented crew that we have really done some awesome games. My skills behind flash were never good enough to push it and we are finally getting to a point where the games we do are right up there with the best of them. We still have a little way to go in terms of stripping back ideas to core gameplay and also generating unique game plays but we're getting better.

I know it's cheating as games are easier to create than a highly strategic campaign and the brands and clients we work with are more fun than a bank or bum creme but we sacrificed quite a bit to get to this position. As banks and boring brands pay much more for boring work than fun work.

Compare the stats for these games above to "viral" campaigns and games blow viral out of the water. Both in terms of visitors, engagement levels and consistency in results. Unless you're "The Viral Factory" which for me can't seem to do wrong and make the best virals in the world and have done for years.

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April 20, 2009: April 20, 2009

TED: Malcolm Gladwell 2004

Spaghetti sauce has never been more interesting.

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April 19, 2009: April 19, 2009

Seth Godin Sliced Bread


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April 18, 2009: April 18, 2009

My Google Reader Trends

Here are my Google Reader trends which I'm disspointed in seeing that Google Reader only keeps the last 30 days. Very lame. I have made a huge effort lately to keep on top of my Google Reader as I used to let it just pile up and then "flag as read" but now I've made an effort to keep on top of a few of my sets of feeds.


Comparing this to my Google Search history it seems there are no trends between the two.

I dont seem to read anything on Wednesdays and Sunday is my day to catch up before the start of the new week. 8-9am is a big time too as I read when I get in early to work and 3-5 is either catchign up on a few during the day or that's the time I read most on the weekends. Then you have the 11pm and 1am last minute reading before bed.

I'd like to see other people's trends and see if they match mine.

Also I have been sharing and starring heaps as I've used this as bookmarking and a way to share items with friends. I see this as the way I blog now. Rather than just reporting stuff I'll just "share" it on my reader. Check my shared items here. So much good stuff these days it's hard to keep track.

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April 08, 2009: April 8, 2009

Wolverine Game Widget

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April 06, 2009: April 6, 2009

Water Tank 3D screenshot

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Creed Fight 3D Screenshot

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New Orleans Casino 3D Screenshot

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April 03, 2009: April 3, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine Game Featureette Video

Love these feature videos for the games the Raven team shown above did a pretty good job with these videos for X-Men Origins Wolverine Video Game. I hope they also do some for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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