January 13, 2008 : 3:46 PM

Bands I discovered in 2007

Since we went into 5th gear with Sleevage I have discovered a whole variety of new music. My Itunes in 2006 was 80% late 90's. This was my CD and music listening hey day. Highschool and then study I didn't expand my music tastes beyond this small era.

But last year I had to force myself to listen and research music I didn't like or didn't know I like. I found myself discovering bands that everyone talked about that I never paid attention to.

I also read what other people posted on Sleevage and checked out all the albums. It's been a great learning experience. I'm slowly becoming a musical nerd. I didn't know my Joy Division from my New Order and now I know the life stories of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Listed below the bands I now have come to really like only in the last 12 months. Many of these will seem obvious but for me I never paid that much attention to popular music. Even popular indie music. Funny that many of these albums had great art and were also listed in many "Best of 2007" album lists on other sites.

The Arcade Fire:
Wow the album played in our office for a good six months and then I saw the interactive film clip and realised I quite enjoyed the whole album

I bought the CD purely for the cover art. I then listend and thought wholly shit this is great. You can listen a few times and not be bored

The Battles:
A sound like no other. Their album is solid and really has a good edge to it

The Go Team:
Damn that';s the band that does that song with the kids singing. I love that song. Hey the rest of the album aint bad either!

This album rocked my nads hard.

Sigur Ros:
I just watched the DVD of their 2006 tour of Iceland and fell in love. The sound again is nothing I've hear before.... it's beautiful.

Ok it's pretty poppy but the songs are catchy. I gave a few songs a heavy rotation.

Architecture in Helsinki:
A couple of their songs I quite like. Again I heard the name around but never knew any of their songs.

Ask me about these bands in Jan of 2006 and I wouldn't know WTF you were talking about. Now I'm a fan of all of them and look forward to what 2008 brings in the way of new music.

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