December 31, 2007: December 31, 2007

USA Photos Processed

LA: All American Burger
LA: All American Burger, View my Flickr stream here.

I've finally gone through my USA photos from April this year and put them onto Flickr. I've also finished off the ones from my trip in November.

LA: Hamburger Haven Sign

NYC: Empire State Building

NYC: Central Park Cops

Empire State Fisheyes

That just leaves the 1,000 or so from my Europe trip 2 years ago to go :)

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December 30, 2007: December 30, 2007

Vimeo Video

Now that Youtube has deleted my account I've had to start my video collection over again. I'm moving my videos over to Vimeo. The quality is much better and you can actually upload HD footage and they present it in HD!

I'm not so concerned with views to these videos so Vimeo is perfect. There is a smaller user base on the site so the likely hood of your video getting random views is a lot less. But if quality is what you're after then Vimeo is the way to go.

Check out my video channel. I have up so far. I have lots more boring travel videos to upload too.

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December 29, 2007: December 29, 2007

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December 24, 2007: December 24, 2007

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December 22, 2007: December 22, 2007

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December 20, 2007: December 20, 2007

Test 2

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December 19, 2007: December 19, 2007


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December 14, 2007: December 14, 2007

Flickr Stats

Flickr have launched a stats section for their Pro accounts. As a stat junkie it's just another way to waste time looking at stats.

Here's a snapshot of my Flickr stream.


Earthwallpapers + Mr Potatomash photos help boost my stream views considerably. As do my Mardi Gras boob photos.

You can drill down to stats on individual photos. Which is handy if a photo suddenly shoots up and you have no idea where that traffic is coming from. It's a big value ad to the site.

The only problem is the daily stats, referrals only go back to 26th November. For me my Flicrk account went through it's popularity a year ago.

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Amazing Short Film

Disturbing yet so beautifully done.

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December 11, 2007: December 11, 2007

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December 10, 2007: December 10, 2007

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December 09, 2007: December 9, 2007

Win tickets to Daft Punk's SOLD OUT concert in Sydney 22nd Dec

Daft Mosh Girl

I've been given 2 tickets to Daft Punks last concert in Sydney for Sleevage. So check out the comp page for your chance to win. The tickets are going for $250 a pop on Evay right now! Crazy

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December 06, 2007: December 6, 2007

December 03, 2007: December 3, 2007

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December 02, 2007: December 2, 2007