April 27, 2007 : 4:36 PM

New York: City of Missed Photo Ops

Sadly even though I spent a week in NY I didnt get that many photos. I had a few hours at the end of the day but didn't take them to just wander the street and shoot. I got a few good photos which I'll post up soon but nothing to get excited about. Nothing I had to race back to the hotel to process.

Then I see an amazing photoblog like Bluejake (sample photo below) and I feel I missed out.

Then I feel even worse when I see this building on Spring street is now open to the public and it's right in Manhatten.


Oh well all the more reason to come back. Manhatten alone is an amazing place and the outer suburbs all have the unique allure.

Posted at April 27, 2007 : 4:36 PM
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