March 26, 2007 : 11:13 PM

Youtube and Content Ratings

Why doesn't Youtube have a standard for rating content like movies and video games? The USA has the MPAA and Australia has the Office of Film and Literature. I find the Aussie rating system makes much more sense than the USA one. Something rated R in the US is MA here which seems more fitting.

It seems videos on Youtube fall into 2 categories right now. General and 18+ (flagged)

Why not have a system that allows you to choose between videos that are like film and video games. You could also filter out stuff like sex, language and adult themes. That way if I set my Youtube account to say let me see everything, then I never have to click I agee to watch this video. However if I say I will be offended by sex scenes or nudity then it will not let me watch them unless I agree to do so.

In reverse it'll also let me search for videos that contain nudity and sex.

For me I'll watch most things and I;m not that easily offended but for the millions out there that can't even say Hell or Shit then Youtube must be a minefield of scary content.

Posted at March 26, 2007 : 11:13 PM
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