October 17, 2006 : 7:50 PM

National Geographic Kids Halloween Ecard


We just completed this fun project for National Geographic Magazine in the USA. It's a Halloween Ecard Maker. They are tryig to run a comp where the best ones get printed in the mag but with such strick legals over there in the USA it's quite tough.

Nathan J did the awesome illustrations and we designed and coded the interface. I'm really happy with this and even though we have reused this engine a few times I think this is one of the best uses of it.


We initially had a few more items but they were removed as they were too dangerous. You can see them above. The axe, exposed brain,anythign devil related and the sickle. Doh. But luckily Nathan make a whole bunch of new items that were just as cool. And not so violent. I'm sunsure what that big pink thing is but I trust Nathan that it's something cool.


My fave is the Frankenstein mask and the frog eyes.

One thing we had troubles with (i say we but all I kept doing was saying I didnt like it ) was a logo for the game. Below is the 5 versions we went through until Brad stepped in and saved the day.


We also went through many revisions of the interface. Again, mainly as I kept pushing Ron to do more. You look at the initial designs and the final ones as it's such an improvment. The top image is the final designs



We've got a a fe wmore jobs lined up for National Geo and one thats just getting approved now. I really like doing stuff for kids as you can have alot more fun and be silly.

Posted at October 17, 2006 : 7:50 PM
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