January 30, 2006: January 30, 2006

Trey Parker in Rogue Traders?

Trey Parker in Rogue Traders?, View my Flickr stream here.

Since when did Trey Parker join the Rogue Traders? That's gotta be him right behind the chick?

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Toss and Turn next to the Jizz Spot

Toss and Turn next to the Jizz Spot, View my Flickr stream here.

The Toss & Turn by itself is pretty funny but the fact it's 2 doors down from the Jizz Spot almost brought me to tears.

I doubt I will ever find two shops that compliment each other like this ever again.

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January 29, 2006: January 29, 2006

Date Movie

date movie.jpg

We saw Date Movie about 3 weeks ago and have since worked on the small online campaign for the movie.

If you liked Scary Movie then this is your type of film. It takes the piss of all the chick flicks of the past 10 years and does it pretty well. There's also a great scene with Sophie Monk in slow motion in a bikini that goes for 5 minutes. Definetly boner material.

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Bill Hicks Live DVD

I watched the Bill Hicks DVD today which is definetly worth a rental.

His theory on using terminally ill people as stunt people in movies cracked me up as I had the same idea but to use people on death row. Why let these people die in isolation. Let them live forever on DVD being blown up by Arnie!

There is quite a bit of Bill Hick's work on Amazon and I recommend chekcing it out. He's a hard hitting funny guy with a a social conciese.

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Lost Season 2

Lost season 2 is really starting to move now. Ep12 was a little slow but thats fine as Ep11 was huge.

As for spoilers the best I've read is here. It pretty much maps out season 2 and the start of season 3. As they seem to wrote the episodes on the fly this is all bound to change which makes any predictions futile but i still think much of this will come true.

I don't think I'll watch any TV this year except for a few shows like Cutting Edge specials and the news. It's just so much easier to download the TV shows and watch them whenever you want without ads!

So far already I've watched

Supernatural to Ep10 (Buffy meets X-Files)
Arrested Development Season 2 (The show is better on DVD than at 11.30 at night)
Family Guy Season 4 (Makes the Simpsons look tame)

I'm waiting for Prison Break, Nip Tuck (c'mon Shaan send the CD's!), Hustle and Sapranos (MARCH 12!!!!)

There's no use being a slave to the TV time slot. I'm also not waiting till Ocotber or whenever to watch Sapranos

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January 28, 2006: January 28, 2006

Big Cock

indo_042_big_cock, View my Flickr stream here.

Im not getting enough wierd google searches for my site so I thought I'd post up a Big Cock and see if I can increase my traffic.

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Happy Australia Day

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Worms on PSP


I'm excited about the release of Worms on PSP. This would be a great multiplayer game. I was excited about Midway Arcade Treasures until I saw the rating. I woudl have loved to play Rampage or Guantlet multiplayer but from what I've read the entires package is a pile of shit. Oh well I guess the Namco collection looks a little more promising.

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January 24, 2006: January 24, 2006


Wholly shit this office would give any interior designer a hard on or if female stiffy nipples. Be a great place for paintball too.


I'm lovng the new site for them too. No work, just their cool ofice and shitload of employees.

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January 22, 2006: January 22, 2006

Toyota VVT-i Ad

Toyota VVT-i Ad, View my Flickr stream here.

I love these ads for Toyota. Does anyone have a link to a gallery with them rather than this dodgy photo? They were done by Cube Construct in Melbourne.

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January 21, 2006: January 21, 2006


I feel sick.

I always thought they retouched women to give them awesome boobs but now know the real truth!

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AmazingSpiderman215-03, View my Flickr stream here.

A friend sent me a few extracts from comic books with the subject "The innocent days of comics."

Check the others out here in my Funny Shit Flickr gallery. Is there a bigger gallery of these anywhere as I can't stop laughing.

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Apple Movie Poster Gallery


Mike Industries ran a competition to win an Ipod. And the gallery of entries is funking funny. Some of these are truely inspired!

if you link this kind of thing then check out Worth 1000 which is always good a for a laugh.

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Ad Blog Awards

Bannerblog has been shortlisted in a the Ad Rag Ad Blog Awards. You can vote for us here

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Artist Proof

House Industries always make nice stuff and their new Artist Proof collection is no exception. It looks pretty sexy but from what I can gather it's just a bunch of nice looking patterns on paper?

I don't understand is why you'd spend $300 USD on a bunch of pretty paper. I mean the book was great archive of their work and their though process vbut this artist proof looks nice but woudl end up just becoming junk in your office. Maybe I'm missing the point?

I didn't realise that House also have a blog of sorts. It's called Show and Tell and is quite good.

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January 18, 2006: January 18, 2006

Two Shortlisted Entries in AIMIA 2005

It's always good to know your entry fee's didn't go to waste. We have two projects in this years AIMIA awards.

50Cent Create Your Own Trailer and K-Kash.

The only bad thing for us is this year seems to have the best set of shortlisted entries which means it doesn't look good to coming home a winner. Although K-Kash did kick ass in the stats and sales generated.

Looks like the bride chequebook needs to come out again :)

Check the shortlisted entires here.

Sadly Mambo didn't make the cut but there isn;t really a category for it in AIMIA.

Looks like Soap will get to check out Adelaide. We will hopefully catch some of the comedy festival while over there.

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Mr Truffle Profiled

I deep and meaningful profile has been conducted on my by Kripy. Check it out here

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January 17, 2006: January 17, 2006

The Cage


We (and by that I mean Mike and Brett) have finally finished out Trailer Crashers rip off site for TripleM's The Cage.

While very happy with the end result it's doesn't feel the same knowing it was heavily inspired by another site. And one thats very high profile. (ie we can't hope noone notices)

In our defence we did propose a heap of other concepts and also added slightly to the Trailer Crashers idea (ie not a straight copy) but that's only a small defence.

But hey money is money and the client is a good client so sometimes you just have to shut your cake hole.

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January 12, 2006: January 12, 2006

Office Fit Out



office_fitout_v1_d, View my Flickr stream here.

We've finally got our ass in gear and organised an office fit out. Most of our development before this has been in the BBQ area :)

We're going for a Epoxy Resin floor as opposed to wood as not only does it looks shit hot (Like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Style) but it's cheaper and more durable.

The fitout shoudl be finished a few weeks after our 1 year anniversery of moving into the office which will time well.

Very exciting time as the most I've had a hand in decorating previously is my bedroom.

We'll fit more work spaces in, a new kitchen a proper meeting area and a better cable management. Sadly no foozball, pinball or table tap arcade system but we can't have everything.

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January 09, 2006: January 9, 2006

Brown Pen

If you ever use a brown felt tip pen look out for if the ink spills onto your fingers, as it looks really dodgy.

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January 08, 2006: January 8, 2006

Dog Owners Manual Calandar


I saw these great little calendars for sale at the shopping centre and got them as gifts for friends.

There is a baby, cat and dog version and all have cute illustrations acoupled with interesting & useful information. I picked them up for just over $10, bargain!

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January 06, 2006: January 6, 2006

Cans Are Cool?

Why have I been bombarded with ads promotion the use of aluminium cans? Yeah I drink from a can now and then but I don't think they are "cool". Who pays for this advertising? The can manufacturers? Might as well spend that advertising money buying your own product.

No word of the campaign here

Why stop at advertising dumb products like cans. Why don't I hear "Toothpicks are groovey" or "Don't leave home without a wallet" on the radio.

"Highlighters are for winners"
"You can't do shit without a 2B"
"Stick an icecube in ya drink"
"ladies love straws"

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I'm 5 days into my 10 day detox doing well. We didn't have a BBQ at work so that was good. Cause a salad instead of a burger would have been cruel punishment.

I don't smoke or drink or even drink coffee but the detox was to stop and cleanse my system from all the kebabbs, pizza, pides, chocolate I eat on a regular basis. Luckily I'm not a fat bastard!

I even bought a fresh juicer (a big ass one that destroys whole apples!) and it's great. You basically shuck anything in your fruit basket and it tastes good as a juice.

So 5 more days of tempe, tofu, vegies and corn crakers to go. Actually corn crakers, avacado and tomatoe is really nice. I was surprized. Normally I'd munch down a half pack a biscuits but these corn crackers are great.

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Nana Diver's Muffin Bars

Nana Diver's Muffin Bars, View my Flickr stream here.

Is it just me or does Nana Divers just sound rude? It's gotta be worse than Vintage Fingers which I'll leave to your imagination as to what that is. Someone with a sexual fetish for old people has been in product development again.

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January 04, 2006: January 4, 2006

Robots are Cool


sketch_18, View my Flickr stream here.

I was in the zone when I did these ones. I really like these characters.

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Alternative Lemmings

Alternative Lemmings 1997, View my Flickr stream here.

I created these "Alternative" Lemmings back in 1996 or 1997.

From top left: BBoy, Aussie, Hooker, Supermodel, Elderly, Satanic, Chernobyl, Psycho, Atarti Jaguar (This was games console that was never released in Australia, yes I wasn't afriad to tackle the big issues head on with my Lemmings) KKK, Hitler, Badly Drawn and Mafia Informant Lemming.

It's amazing what you find when you don't throw anything out.

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