August 30, 2002: August 30, 2002

Old Medicine

I know yesterday I said expiry dates were for wimps but i was kinda worried When I saw the expiry date on my Migraine tablets after taking two of them

SEPT 97!!!!!

I can still remember mum buying them while I took the day off from highschool. I hate taking tablets, which explains why i still have 10 + tablets after 5 years. I just thought that medicine never went off, like flour. But now I check the flour and that too has an expiry date. Geez.

On a non related note if I was a robot I think i'd look like this

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August 28, 2002: August 28, 2002

Surprise Chef = Me

Warning: If you think a story about some loser cooking dinner is boring then don't read any further. That's right. Look to your bottom left.

Last night i opted for the toasted cheese sandwich dinner. Which but all means is a great meal.

But today I threw a curve ball by having toasted cheese for lunch. As much as I love the little jaffles I can't stomach two cheese based meals in a row.

So i decided to use as many things from the fridge as possible. After removing everything and finding a hidden cache of Hokien Noodles I decided it was stir fry time. If I didnŐt find those noodles I have no idea what it would have been.

Just by chance there was also some old coconut cream, in an open carton. Expiry dates are for wimps I say.

I also found some Stay Sauce in a bottle from a long forgotten BBQ earlier this year. Again, expiry dates mean nothing. (mental note: clean out fridge)

I chopped all available vegetables. And even threw in some long green chillies (crazy stuff) And while reading vaguely what to do on the packet of noodles, I proceeded to cook.

I wont bore you with the details :) but I ended up with a solid meal for 4. Seeing its just me there's a fair amount of breakfast stir fry for tomorrow :)

This topped with my Paul Newman's sauce, just 3 days ago, goes way above my previous best when I made Salmon kebabs.

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August 27, 2002: August 27, 2002

My Mojo

Losing your mojo is bad but finding it again after a short period of losing it is like a sunny day in a rainy week.

Not only do a i feel very inspired right now but I took a Paul Newmans sauce added a heap of veges and amde myself one great tasting and very chunky pasta sauce.

I had to reword this story that as DB said "adding veges to a ready made sauce is like saying you baked a cake when all you did was put icing on it"

Either way, I wont be eating biscuits again for dinner :)

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August 25, 2002: August 25, 2002

My Year Book Photo

This goes back to 1997. Ahh the memories. If I had of played sport, debated, won anything or rescued a drowning man, I may have been in other photos.

Oh i'm the guy who's goal was "To meet Micheal Jackson". You can thank the library lady for editing that one.

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August 24, 2002: August 24, 2002

Cherry Bomb

I have no idea what Cheery Bomb means but Noel takes some great photos

You may have seen some of his photos in STU magazine

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College Band Pricing

Hey Kids like to have Korn or Snoop Dogg play at your college fund raiser or graduation party?

What about Ween or Silverchair?

You better book early at the College Entertainment site

I could get Ween to play 5 times or have Woopi Goldberg come in once. Whats up with that.

Or have Radiohead come and pump out sometunes because I couldnt afford Reba Mctintyre's $250k performace fee. 1/4 Million for a country singer. WTF

I'd also take to doses of Nelly Furtado than one of just plain old Nelly

And if you don't have much dosh to hrow around why not grab DJ Shadow for 10K. Thats a bargin.

Take a look at some of the numbers. It's a whole world i didnt know about. I know it says college but does it also cover rich kid bamitsfa's, or what about Schoolies week on the gold coast. When I was at Schoolies we got Custard to play. Damn. For a few extra dollars we could have had someone good.

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August 21, 2002: August 21, 2002

Good Days

There nothing like having a good day. And it's good when people around you too have a good day.

There's nothing like having good sushi either.

Also, Rob saved himself $10 on a Game Cube game by chance as the people labled the game wrong. Ahhh yeah.

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August 19, 2002: August 19, 2002

Olympic Park

I am within walking distance to Olympis park and yesterday walked there in an effort to get fresh air.

The place was almost deserted. I happened to find myself getting sprayed with water thanks to some little kids and the water fountains. Their father found it funny to see me drenched. I only wish he could understand what I was saying to his kids.

Fun was had by all :)

There is no shops there at all except for a McDonalds. It must be the most remote McDonalds in Sydney.

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August 17, 2002: August 17, 2002


What! you can't even eat jelly babies??

That's the question i huess most vegetarians get when they start to tell people about Gelatine

I was always told it was the jelly from cow hooves but now i know it's the bones, skin, tendons and all the other bits we cant eat is boiled down to make gelatine. MMMM yummy.

But it seems gelatine is also used in alcoholic drinks aswell and the only thing they use for photographic film. So all you vegans out there better buy a digital camera.

I don't even want to read again where rennet in cheese comes from.

Trying to be a vegetarian must be hard without being a hyopocrite almost everyday.

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August 11, 2002: August 11, 2002

Flash and Amazon

I found a site that did an experiment with Amazons web services and Flash.

It was one of the coolest things I have seen. Here'smy effort at a quick test to see if I could do it. You need flash 6 for this experiment.

I had to use XML for the first time and also hack together a PHP script after all the ones I found didn't want to work for me.

Even though this project was for nothing I now understand XML (the basics) so thats a bonus

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August 09, 2002: August 9, 2002

S+M laptop

I've noticed with ever increasing awareness that my laptop has a current running through it now. After dropping it I must have squashed two metal parts toether. the result being that when it is plugged into the wall i get slight electric/static shocks form the metal.

Not being insured (warranty doesn't have a butter fingers clause) I visited my local apple centre and asked for a repair quote. It will cost over $1500 to replace the panels, just panels!!! no ram, no super important logic board, just metal panels!!!. If it's $1500 for just a few panels it means that the inside of the Apple is worth nothing. Build your own case and save heaps :)

Anyway I must doing something as now when I write this I fell my fillings tingling

I was thinking of marketing this laptop as a S+M laptop. Where you chat and get shocked at the same time.

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August 08, 2002: August 8, 2002


I went crazy at Blockbuster and did the 4 movies for 9.95 deal

American Movie: 8.5/10. Not a movie you would watch with a girlfriend or in a party situation but a very close look at one mans absession to make a film. The dialoge is classic.

Swordfish: 6/10. Hale berry does have an amazing set but the movie was lame. John travolta's hair irks me in this.

Vannila Sky: 5.5/10. Different than what I thought it would be and worse. Ideas stolen from Philip Dicks Total Recal (We can remember that for you wholesale)
Oh and it's long too

I havent watched The Mexiacan yet. Not holding my breath for this one

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Coin Collection

Well the cat is out of the bag. My embarrassing secret is that I have been collecting the commemorative $1, 50c and 20c coins that I find in my spare change. I have some since high school. About 4 years old. (to think I've carted this tiny bag around with me for 4 years.

I keep it in a big jumbled bag in the cupboard. And I only keep one of each.

As if I couldn't feel any nerdier :)

The easiest part is pricing your collection. As the coins aren't worth any more than the decimal value on the coin :) And if you ever have to sell your collection (you really need to buy milk) then the 7-11 will accept market value.

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August 05, 2002: August 5, 2002

Blackcurrent Milk

I accidently poured milk thinking it was water, into blackcurrent mix. Not one to waste an opportunity I tried it to see if it tasted nice.

And it doesnt. The initial blackcurrent flavour was nice however the off milk aftertatse was not.

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August 02, 2002: August 2, 2002

Full Time Grind

I just spent the last week getting up at 7.15 am and draggin my ass to the city to complete a job. It's by about the 3rd day why I like working from home so much.

I like having a great view of Sydney but hate having a todo list that never budges.

I like having airconditioning but hate having to find clean underwear.

Nice not having to type something just to talk to someone but getting up before 10.30am just sucks.

What tipped it over was the fast internet connection I didnt have to pay for.

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