June 30, 2002: June 30, 2002

My Monopoly

My Monopoly Hasbro are letting you create your own custom monopoly game. This would be a cool corporate present. MMM Enron and Worldcomm had to cancell their versions. Go stright to jail.

Puddnhead is alot more scary than jugghead was. That animated gif for the nav is a terrible was of download, but the work is great.

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6 Side Burns

Perfect Side Burns is nearly as good as Semenex

This has inspired me to put my other passion onto video to help the rest of the world.

Announcing Perfect Pubic Trimming on VHS and DVD

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The people living above me were jumping up and down and playing music at 2am. So i deceided to ask them to turn it down. I went up and realised it was the people 2 levels above me. I felt sorry for the people 1 level abpve me.

I knocked onthe door and waited only to hear the last bit of a song. Then I heard excited voices say "WE ROCK!!! You got any Alice Copper" then they opened the door. It's funny seeing old people shitfaced.

I believe that these may be the same people contactly hammering above me. I don't mind during the day but at 8.30-11.30 on a Saturday morning its really annoying. I guess they were building a stage for the great concert they had last night.

Add this to the trains that go past every day and this place is very noisy. It is darker at night and i liek the fact I can't see anything when I turn out the light as opposed to the previous unit we were in where the neon, fast food signs lit up our living room.

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Hosting Solutions

Thinking of Hosting a Party?

Then this sit may help. And I thought a dedicazted server had to do with web hosting.

Here's a few tips I'd like to add when hositng a party.

1: Hide any photos of yourself in comprimising positions.
2: dont have the stereo outside if there is a pool
3: make sure you get twist top beers. Drunk people dont care what they use as a bottle opener.
4: Pets should be taken to a friends house
5: Your mums faberge egg collection should be locked away

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I love Egg

I Love Egg I very original and highly polished.

I liek this alot better than Mashi Mori and Korea is pretty close to Japan when it comes to uber cute characters. I'd say that now most of the ones you see in the western world would be korean.

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June 26, 2002: June 26, 2002

The Sneeze

Nothign worse than sneezing on the train and having a massive goober land on your shirt. I was late so quickly picked it off and walked though the station and had to walk a further 10 min with a clump of mucas webbed in my fingers.

I considered pocketing it, but luckily I found a pamphlet to pick and wipe onto in the shopping centre.

The onkly positive side I could see was that I actully found where it landed on my shirt and didnt spend the whole night unaware that I had a booger on my shirt

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June 25, 2002: June 25, 2002

Award Winning

A site i worked on, at my previuos employer, just won a major advertising award.

Not working at the company any more makes winning the award feel kinda useless, but good all the same.

It feels bad to not even get an email to say thanks for all the hard work you put in, but maybe i'm expecting too much from a company that has nothing to do with me anymore.

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I was told that I spoke just one word in my sleep last night and that was "Cornbread"

I actually like cornbread. It's like a cake almost

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June 22, 2002: June 22, 2002

My Fav Companies

There are so many companies that deal in design solutions online but if I had to pick my favourite only two come to mind instantly.

X-Plane and 37Signals both are small companies and both have a great philosophy. They seem down to earth and honest.

Anyone else suggest some companies that they think are great too??

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June 17, 2002: June 17, 2002

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It seems having a migaine impacts on your driving skills as much as being drunk. I badly scratched the rental car I had last night while trying to get into garage.

I can't find the TV cables so I missed my weekly dose of Malcom in the Middle, Mr Hell Show, South Park, Sex and the City and Six Feet Under.

Other good news is that The Osbournes is coming to Channel 10. In the USA you have to have MTV to see it. You also need HBO to see Six Feet Under and Sapronos. But all free in Australia. Suddenly the HCF chick in the ads is more appealing as I know her bog eyes are paying for my free TV shows

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June 14, 2002: June 14, 2002

Beep Beep

Everytime I wait for the bus I wish that I had a car so I could drive where ever I want. But in reality what I want is someone to drive me around.

I hired a car today (to assist the move) and ended up almost crying cause I was going around in circles making wrong turns and generally getting lost.

When you walk you just face on direction and bam!, your off. Driving through the city is different as you think your going the right way then suddenly you've taken an exit and are on the Harbour Bridge?!?!?!?!

I wish I had P plates to excuss my aimless driving

Yay to public transport!!!!!

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Moving 2

When ever I buy something now I am going to base the decision also on movability:

Other purchases I am now regreting are:

1: Lava Lamp: I actually saved up for one while working at McDonalds?!?!. I now just put it in cuboard
2: Recently purchased coffee table: If I only waited 2 weeks.
3: Egg Lamp: The lava lamp is shaking his head in disgust.
4: 17 Monitor: I pity people with 21" Screens and have to move them
5: So many cups: I threw out all the paper yesterday now I have to buy a news paper to wrap the glasses :(
6: The really big cool Sony stereo: I spent 4 mths paying of on layby with speakers nearly as big as me. (well they were 6 years ago) The speaker and the unit both won't fit in a car at one time :(

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June 12, 2002: June 12, 2002


Moving is not fun but its a great way to get rid of all the junk you collect over the years.

It's also a time you regret buying a table tennis table. WTF was i thinking.

I've kept glue, tracing paper, pens and paper for 3 years in the thought that I would use it again but never have.

I've got about 10KG of just paper crap (postcards, pamplets, flyers, biz cards) and it all goes in the recylcing bin.

I also like keeping the original boxes to things but somtimes its almost impossible to get it all back in the box. The box to my vacuum is like Dr Who's Tardis. It all came out of there but fuck knows how it all goes back in. I got it all in there except the hose and extra nosel.

Forget rubiks cube try and tackle this baby.

Anyway I'm moving even more west from the city :( But aty least I'll be near a train line instead of the bus. And i'll no longer face beautiful Parramatta Rd and the flashing Kebab sign.

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New Found Banana's

Im 22 years old and only just tonight while making a mixed berry smoothie that I realised I like bananas.

All this time I had told myself that banana's are bad and only fake banana's are good.

This is different to carrots which I like now. I had eaten carrots all my life, thanks to mums meat and 4 veg rule, but only recently grew to like the taste.

This has got me thinking that if I really like Passiona soft drink then chances are I like passionfruit even though I have never tried it.

Has anyone else found that a food they thought they hates actually really appealed to them (no pun intended)? Please comment below

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June 10, 2002: June 10, 2002

Scary babies

Don't worry I don't have many baby images left. If you would like to see an animated version (who wouldn't!!) then check out this 340k gif

This is what happens when you work graveyard shift at Kinkos :)
I did these nearly 3 years ago

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June 07, 2002: June 7, 2002

Russias Underground

No it's not the hottest night clun in Moscow but an amazing artical from 1997 about exporers of Russia's Underground

I would love to see this TV series they have produced. Stories of lost trasure, secret underground terrorism, monks, KGB, hidden library's. It's like an Indian Jones Movie with all the trimmings.

A quick search on google brought up a whole heap of articles.

Heres a interesting bit form this article dated the same year 1997.

"Last year, Mikhailov and the Diggers stumbled upon 250 kilograms of radioactive material under Moscow State University, a discovery that seemed to shed light on the long anecdotal history of illness, hair loss, and infertility among the university's students and faculty."

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June 06, 2002: June 6, 2002

Ezy Guv


5 easy steps to paying your speeding fine. Sites like these that make the internet useful.

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Midget Casting

Wondered where Wonka's Ompas have gone??

Can't find a small person to toss at the annual company picnic??

Your leading man in the dwarf porno called in sick??

Willow Management can help you with your problems.

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June 05, 2002: June 5, 2002


I don't know whats scarier.
That they actually made a Frankie Goes to Holloywood game

or that I actually remember playing it on my C64 tape drive.

All I remember was pressing play then waiting 30 min for the game to load. Back in C64 days you hardly ever got instructions and this game was plain stupid and made no sense.

We had a C64 for 6 mths before we learned how to use it. All I could play was soccer and Wizard of Wor on cartridge. I still have fond memories of WOW.

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Rain Kid

There were two kids on the bus today playing chess in their heads.

Knight to D4, Queen to C6 etc etc

I was thinking these little kids are really smart. Then they started going through plans to open a internet cafe

30 computers x $2 x 10 hrs a day = $600 a day profit
$600 x 7 = $4300 a week!!!! (they were pretty excited by this time)

We'll get your family to run it!!!!

hahah, it's just like rain man.

I wonder why they don't let 14 yr olds run companies??
I mean i've seen grown up mean make stupid business decisions and lose lots of money a kids can;t be much worse.

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June 04, 2002: June 4, 2002

Chop Suey

You don't have to be Chines to play Chines Checkers and it also seems you dont have to Chines to play Chop Suey

Pete's sits is very nice

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June 03, 2002: June 3, 2002

Amazing Race 2

It's back on!!!!!!

Amazing Race 2 is on in Australia. If there was ever a reality TV show that i'd love to go on. This is it. A close second is The Mole.

No starving to death, eating fish heads falling into fires.
No having cameras watch me poo
No being temped by some playboy bunny on a tropical island (mmmmmmm pine apples)

It's on Friday nights, i think Channel 7. Yay

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