July 30, 2001 : 4:59 PM

Why didn't anyone tell me

Why didn't anyone tell me earlier that tomato soup is so tasty. I have been missing out bigtime. Although I have to eat it with bread rolls :)

It was only in the last 3 years I have discovered lasagne, foccacia bread, vanilla yougurt, thai, indonesian, laksa's, sushi, korean and heaps of other food I never touched as I deemed it "too scary".

I was brought up on cheese sandwhiches for lunch and meat and 3 veges at home. With a roast every 2 weeks like clockwork. Mmmm roast chicken.

Now Nutri Grain is considered dinner for me :) as did wheetbix, 3 years ago, when mum went on holidays.

Posted at July 30, 2001 : 4:59 PM
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