December 17, 2000 : 2:26 PM

Sydney has its fair share

Sydney has its fair share of Mormans and there is nothing more exciting than making in through Chatswood Morman free. But you have to wonder about all those guys away from family and friends and the fact it'd be pretty boring in a Morman dorm. Mabye the fact they seem so uptight is the fact they have been following this piece of literature on Morman masturbation (two words you don't wanna see together)

Mabye we should all pitch in and buy them some porno's and a packet of wet-ones and mabye they'll loosen up??

Or if you've just had a brain transplant with a member of the opposite sex (like in a bad 80's movie) and have no idea of how to work the plumming, then get all the info from

Posted at December 17, 2000 : 2:26 PM
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